ERAY always working together with you to ensure durability and quality of your pavements with controlled cost.
ERAY always thinking together with you to create a tailor-mode project adapted to your environment.
ERAY always utilising highly accurate survey equipment and methods, continually improve our quality and efficiency to benefit you and your customers.

We Are

ERAY always be a passionate admirer, an earnest promoter on different cutting-edge engineering technology and equipment, always a highly specialist provider for offering the innovative cost-effective solutions to different customers on different engineering technology and engineering testing equipment requests.

We Offer

ERAY currently managing in four distinct areas: Civil Engineering, Geophysical Engineering, Oceanic Engineering and Robotic Engineering, to provide effective solution and suitable testing equipment according to global clients' specific requests.
Civil Engineering
Geophysical Engineering
Oceanic Engineering
Robotic Engineering

We Serve


ERAY carry out trainings with your teams on monitoring technology, installation, operation, calibration on equipment, maintenance strategy and design


ERAY guide and support end user on testing data collection, data storage in database, data interpretation and data visualization, to help ender user on whole evaluation process.


ERAY Team is committed to mobilize independent experts, carefully selected for their rigor and quality of their work


ERAY network of partners on each continent to better serve you and make you enjoy of an open trade culture to all the horizons.

Why choose us?

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ERAY Pavement Testing
ERAY Heavy Weight Deflectometer