ERAY always working together with you to ensure durability and quality of your pavements with controlled cost.
ERAY always thinking together with you to create a tailor-mode project adapted to your environment.
ERAY always utilising highly accurate survey equipment and methods, continually improve our quality and efficiency to the benefit of you and your customers.
Geophysical Engineering
ERAY-GC100HF Shielded Antenna
ERAY-GC270HF Shielded Antenna
ERAY-GC400HF Shielded Antenna
ERAY-GC900HF Shielded Antenna
ERAY-GC1500HF Shielded Antenna
ERAY-AL1000MHZ Horn Antenna
ERAY-AL1500MHZ Horn Antenna
ERAY-AL2000MHZ Horn Antenna
ERAY-AL2500MHZ Horn Antenna