ERAY always working together with you to ensure durability and quality of your pavements with controlled cost.
ERAY always thinking together with you to create a tailor-mode project adapted to your environment.
ERAY always utilising highly accurate survey equipment and methods, continually improve our quality and efficiency to benefit you and your customers.
Geophysical Engineering
ERAY-2600 Ground Penetrating Radar
ERAY-S1 PaveScan Radar
ERAY-80 Structure Scan Radar
ERAY-2202 Ground Penetrating Radar
ERAY-GER100 Shielded Antenna
ERAY-GER200 Shielded Antenna
ERAY-GER400 Shielded Antenna
ERAY-GER900 Shielded Antenna
ERAY-GER1600 Shielded Antenna